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Company Background

financial3The origin of PT MULTI PHI BETA goes back to early 1979 just before the start of Pelita II when a group of Indonesian civil engineers formed an engineering consultancy company PT PI BETA & ASSOCIATES.

However, due to legal objections the company was in mid 1980 renamed PT MULTI PHI BETA, the name under which the company operates up until today.

It has always been the company’s declared objective to contribute to the development of Indonesia by providing highly qualified professional engineering consultancy services to both the Government and enterprises in the private sector.

To attain the above objective and to satisfy its Clients PT MULTI PHI BETA has made it an important part of the company’s policy to employ only qualified personnel, to foster efficient working methods and procedures, to apply modern technology and, equally important, to support its personnel  to further develop their professional skills.

Guided by the ideal objectives mentioned above and by orienting toward quality of process as well as the end results, PT MULTI PHI BETA could carried out all of the projects to the Client’s satisfaction.

All are based on professionalism, teamwork, and spirit to give their best to the development of their beloving country, Indonesia.

Cooperation in form of an association or consortium with either locals or foreign consulting firms were conducted for many projects based on mutual trust and optimum joint efforts between all firms involved.

Starting from the establishment of the company in 1979 up until now PT MULTI PHI BETA is entrusted by his Clients to carry out various type of services ranging from study works, field survey and investigations, up until engineering design and construction supervision of projects located in all parts of Indonesia.

The development of PT MULTI PHI BETA  is inline with the development of infrastructures, as well as urban and rural areas in Indonesia. Besides National and Provincial roads, the company also has a wide  experience in conducting planning, development studies, engineering design and construction supervision of local roads such as Kabupaten roads, transmigration roads, and plantation roads.

PT MULTI PHI BETA in association with KAMPSAX International A/S carried out transmigration studies, planning, and design of transmigration settlements financed by the World Bank in Central Kalimantan for 10 years. Study, planning, and design of Kabupaten roads in all provinces in Indonesia is caried out in association with Hoff & Overgaard and Carl Bro for more than 10 years. The project also developed  guidelines and methods for planning & design for Kabupaten roads, which are widely used up until now. Nucleus Estate and Smallholder (NES) project in PalmOilOphir was studied, planned and designed together with DIWI from Germany. The project was financed by KfW and undertaking also in 10 years. The work consisis of planning of oilpalm plantation, network of harvesting, collector, and access road, design of housings, and construction supervision of all construction works.

After the Government change the policy by giving a much bigger authorities  to the Kabupaten through a decentralization policy, most of the construction works in the Kabupatens are mainly carried out by the local contractors and consultants.

PT MULTI PHI BETA then also changed their policy by concentrated in highway works which are using a higher standards and specifications such as Toll roads. Many of these Toll roads are financed by a private investor.

cipularang-2Starting from the year 2000 PT MULTI PHI BETA carried out several studies, engineering design, and construction supervision of Toll roads, all are also to the satisfaction of the company’s Cients.

A continous services and a trust given by the Cients in the last 30 years proved that the basic for the development of PT MULTI PHI BETA as stated by the founder of the company in 1979 as mentioned above are still valid up until now and for the coming years.

Professionalism, teamwork, team spirit, and keeping on learning and learning and learning on all aspects of work’s demands is the key succcess of PT MULTI PHI BETA, and a solid guarantee for you, our Clients.